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The company Scanware Products has specialized its business in trade with China and can provide a large range of products for in door and out door use. Scanware Products is concentrating on the sourcing of existing and new products to the retail chains and wholesalers in Scandinavia.

Special inquiries can also be handled in the most cases.

Scanware Products supplies products under private label brands and under established brand.

Why use Scanware Products as a supplier ?

Sourcing of new/existing products
Scanware Products is continually sourcing for new and customer specific products in China.

Competitive prices
Scanware always seeks to be price competitive. - cheaper than the market price. Often we work with target prices, which save time and resources for all parties.

Product development
Often an Scanware product can develop from our own ideas or in co-operation with the customer and the producer.

Quality- management and inspection in China
No delivery leaves China without a quality inspection. The quality management process consists of a running control and a final control.

Scanware Products Aps, Palnatokesvej 14, 5000 Odense C, Denmark,
phone number. +45 6591 8784, fax nr. +45 6591 8785, e-mail info@scanware.dk